TFC, an AFC Industries Company

TFC is one of the leading suppliers of engineering fastener products, with an unrivalled reputation for delivering innovative products, stock management solutions, and exemplary service to help our customers achieve breakthroughs in product development and new standards of manufacturing efficiency.

TFC Head Office, Hale House, Ghyll Industrial Estate,,
Heathfield, East Sussex, TN21 8AW,
United Kingdom


+44 (0) 1435 866 011


Blind fasteners (rivets, rivet nuts)


Blind rivet countersunk head (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Blind rivet dome head (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Blind rivet large flange - 16mm (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)


Hexagon head bolts

Hexagon bolts with flange (DIN: 6921/ISO: EN 1665)Hexagon head bolts with shank (DIN: 931/ISO: 4014)Hexagon head screws with full thread (DIN: 933/ISO: 4017)

Clamps and rings

Retaining rings for bores (DIN: 472)Retaining rings for shafts (DIN: 471)Sealing rings (DIN: 7603)Snap ring for shafts (DIN: 7993)

Construction fixings

Wood/chipboard/decking screws


Cap nuts

Hexagon dome cap nuts, high type (DIN: 1587)

Hexagon castle nuts

Hexagon slotted and castle nuts (DIN: 935)

Hexagon nuts with flange

Hexagon nuts with flange (DIN: 6923/ISO: EN 1661)

Hexagon regular nuts

Hexagon nuts with metric coarse pitch thread (DIN: 934/ISO: 4032)

Hexagon thin nuts

Hexagon thin nuts (chamfered) (DIN: 439/ISO: 4035)

Other nuts

Cage nuts

Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts

Prevailing torque type all-metal hexagon nuts (DIN: 980 & 6925/ISO: 7042)Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts with non-metallic insert, heavy type (DIN: 982 & 6924/ISO: 7040)

Other products

Plastic and nylon fastenersSpecial/to drawing fastenersStainless steel fasteners Turned/machined parts

Pins and keys

Clevis pins

Clevis pins with head (DIN: 1444/ISO: EN 22341)

Other pins

Grooved pin with round head (DIN: 1476/ISO: 8746)

Spiral pins

Coiled spring pins - heavy-duty (DIN: 7344/ISO: 8748)

Taper and parallel pins

Parallel pins with internal thread, hardened (DIN: 7979/ISO: 8735)


Small slotted or cross recessed screws

Cross recessed countersunk (flat) head wood screw (DIN: 7997)Cross recessed countersunk flat head screw (DIN: 965/ISO: 7046)Cross recessed raised countersunk head screw (DIN: 966/ISO: 7047)Hexalobular cheese head (DIN: 7985/ISO: 7045)Slotted cheese head screws (DIN: 84/ISO: 1207)Slotted countersunk head screws (DIN: 963/ISO: 2009)Slotted pan head screws (DIN: 85/ISO: 1580)

Wood screws

Hexagon head woods screws (DIN: 571)

Self drilling/tapping screws

Hexalobular socket countersunk head tapping screw (DIN: 7982/ISO: 14586 C)Self drilling screw with hexagonal head (DIN: 7504 K/ISO: 15480)

Self-tapping/thread forming screws

Tapping screws

Cross recessed pan head tapping screw (DIN: 7981/ISO: 7049)

Socket head products

Hexagon and hexalobular socket set screws

Hexagon socket set screws with cup point (DIN: 916/ISO: 4029)

Screws with normal cylindrical head

Hexagon socket head cap screws (DIN: 912/ISO: 4762)

Small hexagon or hexalobular screws

Hexagon socket button head screws (ISO: 7380)Hexagon socket countersunk head screws (DIN: 7991/ISO: 10642)


Disc springs (DIN: 2093)

Studs and threaded rod

Threaded rod

Stud bolts metric thread (DIN: 976-1)

Washers and pressed parts

Spring washers, conical spring washers and serrated lock washers

Single coil spring lock washers for cheese head screws (DIN: 7980)Spring lock washers, barbed or plain (DIN: 127)Toothed lock washers (DIN: 6797)Wave spring washer (DIN: 137)


Plain washer - up to 250 HV - Product grade A (DIN: 125 Part 1/ISO: 7089 and 7090)Plain washers - Large series - Product grade A (DIN: 9021/ISO: 7093 - Part 1)

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