Smartfix is a company specialized in fastener world. Our team is formed by professionals with more then 40 years experience in this field, which provides the warranty of high quality of our products and services. We offer a wide range of products of the highest quality, such as all types of Rivet Nuts, including manufactured to customer's drawings and specifications, We also offer a wide range of Self Clinch and Welding products, providing the best service, quality and price on the market!

Poligono Industrial Las Labradas, Calle Comunidad Foral de Navarra Nº5,
31500 - Tudela (Navarra),


+34 629 956 055


Assembly and installation systems

Clinching/self piercing systemsPresses and insertion tools/equipmentRiveting tools, equipment and systems

Blind fasteners (rivets, rivet nuts)

Rivet nuts

Closed end rivet nuts (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)
Jack nut inserts (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Open end rivet nuts (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Quad nut inserts (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)
Rubber nut inserts (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)


Blind rivet dome head (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Structural rivets (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)
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