Owlett-Jaton is the UK’s leading wholesale supplier of fasteners, fixings, and associated products to the distributor and merchant trade. Offering more than 30,000 product lines, they are also the largest stockholder in the industry. As standard, products are available for free next-day delivery, with low minimum order levels, across the majority of the UK mainland, offering customers an exceptional level of reliability. Owlett-Jaton is recognised within the trade as offering the complete wholesale solution - delivering consistently high service levels, as well as an enviable level of reliability. With a network of sales offices strategically placed across the UK, customers have access to experienced staff, whilst their ordering website www.owlett-jaton.com gives customers access to prices, stock availability, and more. • 30,000+ fasteners, fixings, and associated items • Home to market-leading brands • Nationwide, next-day delivery accounts for the majority of business • Online ordering via www.owlett-jaton.com • Experienced staff • ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified

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Assembly and installation systems

Drill bitsRiveting tools, equipment and systems

Blind fasteners (rivets, rivet nuts)

Rivet nuts

Closed end rivet nuts (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Open end rivet nuts (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Rubber nut inserts (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)


Blind rivet countersunk head (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Blind rivet dome head (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Blind rivet large flange - 16mm (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Break mandrel blind rivets (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Grooved rivet (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Multigrip rivet (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Peel rivet (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Rivet countersunk head (DIN: 661/ISO: 1051C)sealed rivet (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Structural rivets (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)


Hexagon head bolts

Hexagon bolts with flange (DIN: 6921/ISO: EN 1665)Hexagon head bolts with hexagon nut for steel structures (DIN: 7990)Hexagon head bolts with shank - metric fine pitch thread (DIN: 960/ISO: 8765)Hexagon head bolts with shank (DIN: 931/ISO: 4014)Hexagon head screw with full metric fine pitch thread (DIN: 961/ISO: 8676)Hexagon head screws with full thread (DIN: 933/ISO: 4017)

Other bolt types

Anchor boltsCarriage bolt (DIN: 603)Hanger boltsHolding down boltsIndented bolts (DIN: 529E)Square washer platesWax cones

Clamps and rings

Worm Drive Clamps

Construction fixings

Brackets and connectors Chemical anchors and resinsConcrete anchors, mechanicalConcrete screwsDrop-in anchorsDrywall fixings and systemsFaçade and insulation fixingsHardware/DIY prepacks and assortmentsInterior fixings Light duty anchors and fixings Nails, pins and staplesOther construction fasteners and fixingsRoofing and solar installation fixingsSanitary and plumbing fixingsSecurity fasteners for buildingsStainless steel fixings Structural steel fastenersThreaded rods and suspension fixingsThroughboltsWall plugsWindow screws/frame anchors
Wood/chipboard/decking screws

Fastener assemblies and combinations

Hexagon washer faced head tapping screw (DIN: 6928)High strength structural bolt and nut assembly (DIN: 6914/ISO: EN 14399-4)Structural assembly set (ISO: EN 15048)

Locking devices and seals

PatchesSealingThread Locking


Cap nuts

Hexagon dome cap nuts, high type (DIN: 1587)Prevailing torque type hexagon dome cap nuts with non-metallic insert (DIN: 986)

Hexagon nuts with flange

Hexagon nuts with flange (DIN: 6923/ISO: EN 1661)Prevailing torque type all-metal hexagon high nuts with non-metallic insert (DIN: 6926/ISO: EN 1663)

Hexagon regular nuts

Hexagon nuts - Product grade C (DIN: 555/ISO: 4034)Hexagon nuts - Style 2 (ISO: 4033)Hexagon nuts with metric coarse pitch thread (DIN: 934/ISO: 4032)Hexagon nuts with metric fine pitch thread (DIN: 934/ISO: 8673)

Other nuts

Hexagon nut (DIN: 555/ISO: 4034)Locknuts (DIN: 70852)Square nut (DIN: 557)Wing nuts, rounded wings (DIN: 315)

Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts

Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts with non-metallic insert, heavy type (DIN: 982 & 6924/ISO: 7040)Prevailing torque type hexagon regular nuts with non-metallic insert and metric fine pitch thread (DIN: 982/ISO: 10512)Prevailing torque type hexagon thin nuts with non-metallic insert (DIN: 985/ISO: 10511)

Weld nuts

Hexagon weld nuts with flange (DIN: 977/ISO: 21670)Square weld nuts (DIN: 928)Square weld nuts (DIN: 929)

Other products

Adhesives and tapesAllthread (DIN: 975)Collated industrial fasteners Nails, staples and bradsNon-ferrous fasteners (brass, titanium, aluminium, copper)Non-metric fastenersOther industrial fasteners and fixingsPlastic and nylon fastenersPlastic cable tie and tie holderSecurity industrial fastenersSpecial/to drawing fastenersStainless steel fasteners Stainless steel marine products


Other screw types

Bi-metal screwsWing screws, rounded wings (DIN: 316)

Small slotted or cross recessed screws

Cross recessed countersunk (flat) head wood screw (DIN: 7997)Cross recessed countersunk flat head screw (DIN: 965/ISO: 7046)Cross recessed raised countersunk head screw (DIN: 966/ISO: 7047)Cross recessed raised countersunk head wood screw (DIN: 7995)Cross recessed round head wood screw (DIN: 7996)Slotted cheese head screws (DIN: 84/ISO: 1207)
Slotted countersunk head screws (DIN: 963/ISO: 2009)Slotted pan head screws (DIN: 85/ISO: 1580)Slotted raised countersunk head screws (DIN: 964/ISO: 2010)

Wood screws

Hexagon head woods screws (DIN: 571)Slotted countersunk (flat) head wood screws (DIN: 97)Slotted raised countersunk oval head wood screws (DIN: 95)Slotted round head wood screws (DIN: 96)

Self drilling/tapping screws

Self drilling screw (DIN: 7504 N/ISO: 15481)Self drilling screw with hexagonal head (DIN: 7504 K/ISO: 15480)

Self-tapping/thread forming screws

Tapping screws

Cross recessed countersunk head tapping screw (DIN: 7982/ISO: 7050)Cross recessed pan head tapping screw (DIN: 7981/ISO: 7049)Cross recessed raised countersunk head tapping screw (DIN: 7983/ISO: 7051)Hexagon head tapping screw (DIN: 7976/ISO: 1379)Slotted countersunk head tapping screw (DIN: 7972/ISO: 1482)Slotted pan head tapping screw (DIN: 7971/ISO: 1481)Slotted raised countersunk head tapping screw (DIN: 7973/ISO: 1483)

Thread forming screws

Self-drilling screw (DIN: 7504)Thread cutting screws - cross recessed head screws (DIN: 7516)Thread cutting screws - hexagon screws and slotted head screws (DIN: 7513)

Socket head products

Hexagon and hexalobular socket set screws

Hexagon socket set screws with cone point (DIN: 914/ISO: 4027)Hexagon socket set screws with cup point (DIN: 916/ISO: 4029)Hexagon socket set screws with dog point (DIN: 915/ISO: 4028)Hexagon socket set screws with flat point (DIN: 913/ISO: 4026)

Screws with normal cylindrical head

Hexagon socket head cap screws (DIN: 912/ISO: 4762)

Small hexagon or hexalobular screws

Hexagon socket button head screws (ISO: 7380)Hexagon socket countersunk head screws (DIN: 7991/ISO: 10642)Hexagon socket head cap screw fully threaded (DIN: 7984)Hexagon socket head cap screws with low head (DIN: 7984)Hexagon socket head shoulder screws (ISO: 7379)Hexagon socket pipe plugs (DIN: 906)

Studs and threaded rod

Threaded rod

Threaded rod (DIN: DIN 976-1)

Surface and heat treatment coatings and processes

Surface and heat treatment coatings and processes

Corrosion protection coatingsIndustrial coatingsZincflake coatings

Washers and pressed parts

Spring washers, conical spring washers and serrated lock washers

External tooth lock washer (DIN: 6797)Serrated lock washers (DIN: 6798)Single coil spring lock washers for cheese head screws (DIN: 7980)Spring lock washers, barbed or plain (DIN: 127)Toothed lock washers (DIN: 6797)Wave spring washer (DIN: 137)


Plain washer - 100 HV (DIN: 126/ISO: 7091)Plain washer - from 300 HV - Product grade A (DIN: 125 Part 2/ISO: 7089 and 7090)
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