HEICO Befestigungstechnik GmbH

For over 120 years, the HEICO Group has been producing innovative, high-quality products in the field of fastening and forming technology in Germany. With its product lines HEICO-LOCK® Wedge Locking Systems and HEICO-TEC® Tensioning Systems, the company is one of the leading experts for bolt securing technology.

Oesterweg 21,
D-59469 Ense-Höingen,


+49 (0) 2938 805 0


Assembly and installation systems

Assembly jigs and rigsAutomated fastener/assembly systemsHand toolsOther assembly tools and equipmentPower tools

Construction fixings

Nails, pins and staplesOther construction fasteners and fixingsRoofing and solar installation fixingsStainless steel fixings

Fastener assemblies and combinations

High strength structural bolt and nut assembly (DIN: 6914/ISO: EN 14399-4)


Brass inserts
Plastic insertsThreaded inserts

Locking devices and seals

Locking devices and seals


Cap nuts

Hexagon cap nuts, low type (DIN: 917)Hexagon dome cap nuts, high type (DIN: 1587)

Hexagon regular nuts

Hexagon nuts with metric coarse pitch thread (DIN: 934/ISO: 4032)Hexagon nuts with metric fine pitch thread (DIN: 934/ISO: 8673)

Other nuts

Hexagon nut (DIN: 555/ISO: 4034)Locknuts (DIN: 70852)Wheel nuts

Other products

Collated industrial fasteners Nails, staples and bradsNon-metric fastenersOther industrial fasteners and fixingsSecurity industrial fastenersStainless steel fasteners

Washers and pressed parts

Spring washers, conical spring washers and serrated lock washers

External tooth lock washer (DIN: 6797)Serrated lock washers (DIN: 6798)Toothed lock washers (DIN: 6797)


Washers for steel structures - Product grade A (DIN: 7989-2)Washers for steel structures - Product grade C (DIN: 7989-1)

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