Harrison & Clough Ltd

We are a distributor of quality fasteners and fixings with over 120 years of supporting its merchant customers. At the heart of the business are our MATE brand of fasteners, fixings and screws; which have integrity, derived from the traceability of each part to the batch of steel from which the product was formed, and the certification and accreditation attributed to many of the ranges. Whether it is the performance and reliability of its brands, the reliability of its service or the all-round reliability and professionalism of its people, H&C has become the byword for reliability in the fastener market.

Harclo Road,
Keighley, West Yorkshire,
BD21 4DW,
United Kingdom


0844 571 22 22


Assembly and installation systems

Hand toolsNailing/stapling tools and systems

Blind fasteners (rivets, rivet nuts)

Rivet nuts

Rubber nut inserts (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)


Blind rivet countersunk head (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Blind rivet dome head (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Blind rivet large flange - 16mm (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Multigrip rivet (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Peel rivet (DIN: 7337/ISO: 14589)Rivet countersunk head (DIN: 661/ISO: 1051C)Rivet round head (DIN: 660/ISO: 1051B)


Hexagon head bolts

Hexagon head bolts with hexagon nut for steel structures (DIN: 7990)Hexagon head bolts with shank - metric fine pitch thread (DIN: 960/ISO: 8765)Hexagon head bolts with shank (DIN: 931/ISO: 4014)Hexagon head screw with full metric fine pitch thread (DIN: 961/ISO: 8676)Hexagon head screws with full thread (DIN: 933/ISO: 4017)

Other bolt types

Carriage bolt (DIN: 603)Cup head nib bolts (DIN: 607)

Clamps and rings

Hose Clamps & Clips

Construction fixings

Chemical anchors and resinsConcrete anchors, mechanicalConcrete screwsDrop-in anchorsDrywall fixings and systemsFaçade and insulation fixingsLight duty anchors and fixings Other construction fasteners and fixingsStainless steel fixings ThroughboltsWall plugsWindow screws/frame anchorsWood/chipboard/decking screws


Threaded inserts


Hexagon castle nuts

Hexagon slotted and castle nuts (DIN: 935)

Hexagon nuts with flange

Hexagon nuts with flange (DIN: 6923/ISO: EN 1661)

Hexagon regular nuts

Hexagon nuts with metric coarse pitch thread (DIN: 934/ISO: 4032)Hexagon nuts with metric fine pitch thread (DIN: 934/ISO: 8673)

Hexagon thin nuts

Hexagon thin nuts (chamfered) - with metric fine pitch thread (DIN: 936/ISO: 8675)Hexagon thin nuts (chamfered) (DIN: 439/ISO: 4035)

Other nuts

Eye nuts (DIN: 582)Hexagon nut (DIN: 555/ISO: 4034)Locknuts (DIN: 70852)Wing nuts, rounded wings (DIN: 315)

Weld nuts

Hexagon weld nuts with flange (DIN: 977/ISO: 21670)

Other products

Adhesives and tapesNon-ferrous fasteners (brass, titanium, aluminium, copper)Non-metric fastenersPlastic and nylon fastenersPlastic cable tie and tie holderStainless steel fasteners Turned/machined parts

Pins and keys

Other pins

Split pins (DIN: 94/ISO: 1234)


Slotted set screws

Slotted headless screws with shank (DIN: 427/ISO: 2342)Slotted set screws with cone point (DIN: 553/ISO: 7434)Slotted set screws with cup point (DIN: 438/ISO: EN 27436)Slotted set screws with flat point (DIN: 551/ISO: 4766)Slotted set screws with long dog point (DIN: 417/EN 27435/ISO: 7435)

Small slotted or cross recessed screws

Cross recessed countersunk (flat) head wood screw (DIN: 7997)Cross recessed countersunk flat head screw (DIN: 965/ISO: 7046)Cross recessed raised countersunk head screw (DIN: 966/ISO: 7047)Cross recessed raised countersunk head wood screw (DIN: 7995)Cross recessed round head wood screw (DIN: 7996)Slotted cheese head screws (DIN: 84/ISO: 1207)Slotted countersunk head screws (DIN: 963/ISO: 2009)Slotted pan head screw, large head (DIN: 921)Slotted pan head screw, small head (DIN: 920)Slotted pan head screw, with shoulder (DIN: 923)Slotted pan head screws (DIN: 85/ISO: 1580)Slotted raised countersunk head screws (DIN: 964/ISO: 2010)Slotted shoulder screw (DIN: 927)

Wood screws

Hexagon head woods screws (DIN: 571)
Slotted countersunk (flat) head wood screws (DIN: 97)Slotted raised countersunk oval head wood screws (DIN: 95)Slotted round head wood screws (DIN: 96)

Self drilling/tapping screws

Hexalobular raised countersunk head (ISO: 14587 C)Hexalobular socket countersunk head tapping screw (DIN: 7982/ISO: 14586 C)Hexalobular socket pan head tapping screw (DIN: 7981 C/ISO: 14585 C)Self drilling screw (DIN: 7504 N/ISO: 15481)Self drilling screw with hexagonal head (DIN: 7504 K/ISO: 15480)

Self-tapping/thread forming screws

Tapping screws

Cross recessed countersunk head tapping screw (DIN: 7982/ISO: 7050)Cross recessed pan head tapping screw (DIN: 7981/ISO: 7049)Cross recessed raised countersunk head tapping screw (DIN: 7983/ISO: 7051)Hexagon head tapping screw (DIN: 7976/ISO: 1379)Slotted countersunk head tapping screw (DIN: 7972/ISO: 1482)Slotted pan head tapping screw (DIN: 7971/ISO: 1481)Slotted raised countersunk head tapping screw (DIN: 7973/ISO: 1483)

Socket head products

Hexagon and hexalobular socket set screws

Hexagon socket set screws with dog point (DIN: 915/ISO: 4028)

Screws with normal cylindrical head

Hexagon socket head cap screws (DIN: 912/ISO: 4762)Hexagon socket head cap screws with metric fine pitch thread (DIN: 912/ISO: 12474)

Small hexagon or hexalobular screws

Hexagon socket button head screws (ISO: 7380)Hexagon socket countersunk head screws (DIN: 7991/ISO: 10642)Hexagon socket head cap screw fully threaded (DIN: 7984)Hexagon socket head shoulder screws (ISO: 7379)

Studs and threaded rod

Threaded rod

Threaded rod (DIN: DIN 976-1)

Washers and pressed parts

Spring washers, conical spring washers and serrated lock washers

Curved spring lock washers (DIN: 128)Curved spring washer (DIN: 137)External tooth lock washer (DIN: 6797)Serrated lock washers (DIN: 6798)Toothed lock washers (DIN: 6797)


Plain washer - up to 250 HV - Product grade A (DIN: 125 Part 1/ISO: 7089 and 7090)Plain washer, large, for timber constructions (DIN: 1052)Spherical washer (DIN: 6319)Washers for steel structures - Product grade A (DIN: 7989-2)Washers for steel structures - Product grade C (DIN: 7989-1)
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