ForgeFix has been a specialist supplier of fixings and fastenings to the trade since 1991. We are one of the UK’s leading distributors of known fixings and fastener brands, we supply in excess of 5000 different product lines. As a fixing and fastener specialist, we have successfully designed and developed brands that are well known and respected within the trade. We complement our brands with those designed and developed by our trusted partners, who in turn, are experts in their area of specialism. All our products are of the highest quality and all are backed by exemplary levels of service.

Fixings House, High Peak Business Park, Buxton Road,
Chinley, Derbyshire,
SK23 6FJ,
United Kingdom


01663 719460



Hexagon head bolts

Hexagon head bolts with shank (DIN: 931/ISO: 4014)Hexagon head screws with full thread (DIN: 933/ISO: 4017)

Other bolt types

Carriage bolt (DIN: 603)

Clamps and rings

Clamps & ClipsHose Clamps & Clips

Construction fixings

Brackets and connectors Chemical anchors and resinsConcrete anchors, mechanicalConcrete screwsDrywall fixings and systemsFaçade and insulation fixingsHardware/DIY prepacks and assortmentsInterior fixings Light duty anchors and fixings Nails, pins and staplesOther construction fasteners and fixingsRoofing and solar installation fixingsSanitary and plumbing fixingsSecurity fasteners for buildingsStainless steel fixings Structural steel fasteners
Threaded rods and suspension fixingsWall plugsWindow screws/frame anchorsWood/chipboard/decking screws


Hexagon regular nuts

Hexagon nuts - Product grade C (DIN: 555/ISO: 4034)

Other nuts

Hexagon nut (DIN: 555/ISO: 4034)Wing nuts, rounded wings (DIN: 315)

Other products

Adhesives and tapesCollated industrial fasteners Metal and plastic spacersNails, staples and bradsNon-ferrous fasteners (brass, titanium, aluminium, copper)Plastic and nylon fastenersPlastic cable tie and tie holderScrew plugsSelf piercing/clinching fastener systemsStainless steel fasteners


Small slotted or cross recessed screws

Cross recessed countersunk (flat) head wood screw (DIN: 7997)Cross recessed countersunk flat head screw (DIN: 965/ISO: 7046)Cross recessed raised countersunk head wood screw (DIN: 7995)
Cross recessed round head wood screw (DIN: 7996)Slotted countersunk head screws (DIN: 963/ISO: 2009)Slotted raised countersunk head screws (DIN: 964/ISO: 2010)

Self drilling/tapping screws

Self drilling screw (DIN: 7504 N/ISO: 15481)

Self-tapping/thread forming screws

Tapping screws

Cross recessed countersunk head tapping screw (DIN: 7982/ISO: 7050)Cross recessed pan head tapping screw (DIN: 7981/ISO: 7049)Cross recessed raised countersunk head tapping screw (DIN: 7983/ISO: 7051)Slotted countersunk head tapping screw (DIN: 7972/ISO: 1482)Slotted pan head tapping screw (DIN: 7971/ISO: 1481)Slotted raised countersunk head tapping screw (DIN: 7973/ISO: 1483)

Thread forming screws

Self-drilling screw (DIN: 7504)Thread cutting screws - cross recessed head screws (DIN: 7516)

Studs and threaded rod

Threaded rod

Threaded rod (DIN: DIN 976-1)

Washers and pressed parts

Spring washers, conical spring washers and serrated lock washers

Spring lock washers, barbed or plain (DIN: 127)


Plain washer, large, for timber constructions (DIN: 1052)

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